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The Story of Seeds From The Flesh

At the tender age of 9, my passion for 60’s and 70’s culture was ignited when I stumbled upon a documentary about The Beatles.  As I began to explore and fall in love with world-wide psychedelic and rock music, I was unable to find tees with bands outside of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin etc.  

I began to question where my culture and other cultures fit into this white-dominated music industry. There are numerous artists from this era (especially from Mexico and Latin America) who have just as much talent and charisma and yet don’t have the same exposure. These bands were innovative and creative in their own right by incorporating their musical traditions. Feeling represented by these fascinating bands and musicians ignited my desire to share my experience with others.

This quandary and lack of band tees sparked a new mission of mine: to shed light on the bands and artists that have been overlooked in the 60’s and 70’s. 

My goal is to share my love for these decades through merchandise and media content and plant seeds for emerging, groovy POC 60’s and 70’s revival communities. Most importantly, I want to spread those 60’s-70’s Chicana vibes.

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